Baby Carson



Today’s stroll down memory lane led me to Oregon. This was our one and only trip to visit Jason’s parents at their beach house in Lincoln City. Back when we only had one child. 

Remember those days, When there was only one little one to chase around? When we still had so much time to spend together, just the two of us. Yeah, me either. That seems like a million years ago. 

Today’s photo was taken on my in-laws boat while we were cruising on the Colombia River. Little Emilie was only six months old, and only had red peach fuzz in her head. 

Those were fun times, and that was a great trip. 


June, 2001

Mushy Gushy Love Letters

Mushy gushy love letters. Every couple has them. Well, actually maybe not. Do millennials exchange love letters, or do they just text and snap chat everything to each other? Geez I hope not! That would be so sad to not have something they can re-read years from now.

I can’t help but laugh, and blush when I re-read our old love letters. They are so mushy, and silly, and kinda weird. Wow, we were so immature. We were little more than a couple of teenagers passing notes in class. In fact, I was a teenager for a little while during our courtship, and some of them may have actually been passed during a college class.

They do get better as we got older. The things we write to each other now are, while still pretty mushy, much less embarrassing. Our maturity levels have increased, thankfully!

There is a part of me that just wants to throw them out so I never have to be embarrassed by them again. But, the larger part of me knows that I have to keep them. They are apart of our history together.

I wonder, do most couples keep their old letters, and mementos? We seem to keep everything. It’s a little ridiculous in my opinion, but Jason insists on hanging on to all of it.  We have old playbills, and pictures that he drew of me. I think we have one big storage bin full of nothing but cards and letters, and silly sketches.

I think we’ll just hang on to all of it forever. Maybe some day long after we’re both gone, our kids and grandkids will have fun laughing at how silly we were in our youth. Sounds good to me!



double date night

Today’s photo is from a double date we went on during our first year of marriage. I’ll spare the couple we went with, and not post the group shot. We went to a thrift store and had to choose silly outfits for our spouses to wear. As you can see, we were not kind. 



Eighteen years together

This weekend marks eighteen years of marriage for me and my husband. It seems like in today’s disposable society, we are beating the odds on long and happy marriages, and I gotta say, it feels pretty good.

With such a big milestone quickly approaching, I have been going through photos and letters that we wrote to each other when we were dating and first married. I can’t help but laugh at us. Our letters were so mushy, and ridiculous, I’m embarrassed to read them! We look so young in our pictures. I’m not even sure we look old enough to be out of high school, let alone engaged and married. What must our parents have been thinking when we told them we wanted to get married! Why no one tried to talk us out of it, is beyond me.

We did it though. We have been through so many good times, and so many rotten times. We have loved each other, and barely liked each other. We have laughed and cried and yelled and rejoiced together. I can’t think of anyone else I  would rather spend my life with. I’ve decided that each day this week I will post a photo from our life together. Today I chose a photo from when we were dating in college. It’s a photo from a dance that we went to together. I don’t remember much about the dance. Only that we were together, and I was so happy to be with him.


  BYU Idaho (Ricks College) 1997

The Bohannon’s

I recently moved with my family to Las Vegas. It’s been a fun adventure, and best of all is getting to re-establish myself as a photographer in a new city. Sadly, timing was not on my side for me to be up and running during the pre-holiday family picture rush. But, no worries, this year I wasn’t up to all the hustle and bustle that it entails.

However, I am very happy to have been able to do my first photo shoot in Las Vegas. I worked with the most wonderful family, the Bohannon’s. They were delightful to work with. Their two older boys are such characters, and super enthusiastic about having their photos taken. No really, for reals, boys who actually like posing for the camera. Like a dream come true! Their youngest was a bit of a challenge, but no less adorable. He was super sweet, and so attached to his mama. Thankfully, my experience working with special needs kids has equipped me with the right amount of patience for working with shy guys. Things worked out as best they could, and we ended up with some very sweet photos.

Introducing, the Bohannon’s

Family 1


Open for business 

Well, I’ve had something of a crazy year! Back in the early spring we decided the time was right to sell our home in TX. and make the move back to Las Vegas. That set in motion a whole crazy set of events which included showing our house a whopping 43 times in six weeks. Packing up and actually moving. Living with my parents for two months while we house shopped, and waited for our closing. Then once again moving into our new house. Add to that all the craziness of new schools, new job, and unpacking, I’ve been one busy lady for several months now.

The last few weeks have been filled with updating my website, and filling out mountains of forms to establish my business here in Las Vegas.

The good new is, I’m now ready to start working again. I’ve really been missing my camera. I’ve had fun taking pictures of my kiddos, but I’m itching for some real work now.

So, in light of all that, I’m offering a  grand opening promotion.

On Saturday November 28th at 5pm. I will announce the winner of a free photo session. So please, if you are in the Las Vegas area, like and share this post to be entered to win.

Good luck to everyone!

J Bird

This photo is one of my favs from this trip. I was so mad at my husband one night, so I decided I needed a walk to cool off. Not long after leaving, I stumbled upon this sign. 

JBird is the nickname I use for my husband. When I saw this, I couldn’t help but smile (and take a picture). My anger left, and all was well again. 

Of course the apology I got upon my return helped too.